Website Traffic And Membership Update

Temperatures are rising in Nevada and things are heating up on our website as well. April has been the busiest month in Gunslinger City’s existence so far. We have seen a large increase in classifieds as well as hits on all pages.

Here’s a quick breakdown of April’s activity.

  •   Visitor Count.

Although a total number of visitors was slightly less than in March total number of hits was above 100 thousand. In March it was only 45 thousand. Our website has more content so naturally people are staying longer and browsing longer. Each hit represents a visit on a single page or a file. Below is a chart with this years visitor and hit traffic by month. The increase in activity is clearly visible.


The chart below is a break down of April’s visitor activity



Our busiest days are on weekends when users have more time to browse with some days seeing well over 200 visits.


  • Regions

As expected 99% of our traffic is from the USA. We don’t have time resources to analyze where exactly all US visits are coming from but judging by increased activity in Classifieds section it is safe to say most of it is from Clark County



  • Membership

Our website had also seen a spike in user registration last month due to a Facebook Ad Campaign which cost us $40.00 and ran for several days targeting Nevada gun owners. Results of FB Campaign will be posted in a few days.

We currently have 282 registered users


And 169 active users (members who have logged in to their accounts at least once in the last 6 months)



  • Advertising

Due to high costs associated with maintaining the website and Facebook Campaigns expenses we were forced to make a decision to show some occasional ads from our partners. We will keep these ads to a minimum and all proceedings will be used to maintain our website and recruit new members.

To place a business ad on the front page please contact us at

  • Sharing

Please invite all your gun toting friends to join us here at GS City. Share our link on your ttimeline. Especially if you have an active for sale ad. It is in your best interest to invite people to see your item.

And thank you all for joining us.



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