Too blue or not too blue ?

Historically there has  never  been a lack of people willing to abuse and murder their own neighbors and brothers in exchange for a handout from the tyrants. It’s still happening today. In every country. Including America. It’s just hard to see what is right in front of your face sometimes because it is happening in real time, right now, and you are not reading about it in history books. Do not confuse my stance on the issue with liberal propaganda. Liberals dont like cops because they are supposedly “racist”. I’ts a made up , shallow and false narrative designed to push radical agenda. A free thinker doesnt like cops because they enthusiastically and violently enforce immoral and unconstitutional laws at gun point. Gun confiscations are already happening all over the country. People are already rotting in prisons for non violent victimless crimes. Cops are already enforcing every single unconstitutional gun law on the books in every single state.  This is the truth. You have to be blind to deny it.

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