Allah Akbar

I doubt there is a single person left in America that has not heard of the “Iranian Aggression” on the main stream media. Same news outlets that were referred to as fake news just few months ago are now quoted more than the Bible by both the radical left but Read More

Honk Honk

Lately, it seems like not a day goes by, that we don’t hear about yet another secret white supremacist sign being exposed by the MSM. A year ago all the “Nazis” had was a swastika. Now a wide range of symbols and gestures has been added to their arsenal to Read More

Too blue or not too blue ?

Historically there has  never  been a lack of people willing to abuse and murder their own neighbors and brothers in exchange for a handout from the tyrants. It’s still happening today. In every country. Including America. It’s just hard to see what is right in front of your face sometimes Read More

Nevada Firearms PAC statement on AB 291 red flag law provision

SB 120 is Nevada’s “Red Flag” law. A rumor is that it is to be added to AB 291. NVFAC PAC position letter February 18, 2019 RE: SB 120 Nicole Cannizzaro, Chair Senate Judiciary Committee Nevada State Senate Dear Chair Cannizzaro; The Nevada Firearms Coalition has reviewed SB 120 (orders Read More

Don’t be a Nero

According to legend emperor Nero played a fiddle as the city of Rome burned to the ground. No one is sure why he did it but considering the fact that he was a ruthless leader who murdered his mother and his wife shortly after becoming an emperor at the age Read More

Drawing Rules

To increase Classifieds participation we will be holding a drawing contest that will start on May 14th and run until we have 100 entries. One lucky winner will be randomly selected to receive $25 cash via PayPal or Square cash app. All you have to do is post an item Read More

K-Libtard ?

I hear it often even from the most staunch conservatives. Every time there is an attack on our rights the first response is always about how unconstitutional it is and how we need to educate the liberals who either propose or support any new gun bans or other attacks on Read More

Website Traffic And Membership Update

Temperatures are rising in Nevada and things are heating up on our website as well. April has been the busiest month in Gunslinger City’s existence so far. We have seen a large increase in classifieds as well as hits on all pages. Here’s a quick breakdown of April’s activity.   Read More


With AB 291 guaranteed to pass and Clark County Commissioners already announcing their plans to take full advantage of the power that is about to be granted to them by their new masters in Carson City one can’t help but wonder what the future holds. There are  some even in Read More

Municipal Elections Results

The election results are in and I cannot say that I am surprised. All of our conservative candidates lost by a handful of votes and Las Vegas gun owners are in for some hard times ahead. With the State Preemption on the chopping block local municipalities will have virtually unlimited Read More