Las Vegas Municipal Elections Endorsment

After doing some last minute research I have compiled a list of candidates that , in my opinion , are conservatives and will not vote for any anti gun measures .

It is very hard to vet Municipal Candidates because these offices are non partisan but you can find clues or at least absence of clues pointing to anti American progressive agenda .


Las Vegas City Mayor : Collins , Phil

He was a treasurer and ran as a republican for office before.

Ward 1

Sherman Ray. He is a long time republican


Ward 2

Victoria Seaman. Ran as a republican in previous elections

Ward 3 .

Shawn Mooneyham. He is a fiscal conservative who promises to fight any tax increases and his campaign slogan is Las Vegas first.


Ward 5

No endorsement . Do not vote for Thorns. He is a registered democrat .

Do not vote for Derek Washington. He is another anti gun progressive.

This is all I could find . Please log in and leave a comment and let me know if I got any candidates wrong

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