K-Libtard ?

I hear it often even from the most staunch conservatives. Every time there is an attack on our rights the first response is always about how unconstitutional it is and how we need to educate the liberals who either propose or support any new gun bans or other attacks on our freedoms. Then you often see a wave of angry posts from people like me referring to liberals as democRATS, scum and degenerates that soon follow the first wave of responses. I often wondered how some people can retain their composure in the face of such travesty but then recently I got into a friendly debate with yet another conservative friend and it hit me: we disagree on what motivates the liberals to do what they do.

According to my friend the best solution to prevent people who propose unconstitutional laws is education . My friend proposed that we need to do civic testing on every wonna be politician to see if they have enough knowledge to govern and educate them if they don’t . My good natured friend does not realize that liberals already know about the Constitution, the rule of law and  the Bill of Rights . They do what they do because they hate those things. They refer to the Constitution as a living document. And anything that is living can be killed. Or at least mutilated beyond recognition. They want to destroy the very fabric of our nation : individuality. They want the majority to impose tyranny on others. All they have to do is tip the scale just a little bit during an election and have their way. They spread their ideology like cancer. They poison our children with lies and hate. They do all these things on purpose , methodically and with cold calculation .

So excuse my French but we are at war with the satanic left and I really can’t find any other words to describe them but left wing lunatic degenerate scum.


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