Honk Honk

Lately, it seems like not a day goes by, that we don’t hear about yet another secret white supremacist sign being exposed by the MSM. A year ago all the “Nazis” had was a swastika. Now a wide range of symbols and gestures has been added to their arsenal to express their “love for white people” and “hate for gays and minorities”. Or at least according to the lying fake news. The “OK” sign, Pepe , Hash Tag sign, clowns and, as of last week, words like Honk have also become “hate” symbols. Not to be outdone by the left wing lunatics the alt right has developed their own strategy and embraced all these things as symbols of the resistance. Which of course triggered a response from social media to ban these “hate” symbols which in turn made them even more popular among conservatives and anarchists alike. But is there a method to all this madness? Well… Buckle up , I am about to tell you.
Facebook community standards, hysterical CNN anchors, your brainwashed friend that finds everything you say “Racist”, all serve the same purpose. They are designed to normalize censorship. “I know and I don’t care” you might say. That might be so because you grew up in a relatively free environment. You can see it’s a clown world. But what about those who are growing up through all this now? This is a norm to them. They don’t know any better, they have never experienced any better. The next generation will grow up believing in “assault smiles” and ‘racist facial expressions’. They will grow up believing that “hate speech” cannot be tolerated and those guilty of such a thing need to be punished. One can only wonder how long before we start locking people up in actual jails for saying “mean things” on Facebook. I’d say give it 20 years.
All this clown insanity is a direct attack on the first amendment and freedom of speech. Tech giants and dark forces behind globalist agenda are working tirelessly to undermine and erase our freedoms so that our kids grow up as slaves, afraid to speak, afraid to speak out , and unable to think for themselves.


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