Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Safety , Security , Log in, Register.

Gunslinger City takes its user data security very seriously . We utilize an SSL certificate to encrypt all website traffic. Only verified and vetted developers have access to sensitive information . We do not have access to Facebook passwords and we do not store them in our database. The Facebook log in option only collects your email, profile photo and your name. All three are stored securely in our SQL database and access to that information is restricted and encrypted. If you used manual registration option your password is encrypted using latest technology before it is stored in our database and even our developers do not have access to it. Gunslinger city will never ask you to provide any personal information or your passwords for any reason through email or by other means of communication. If you ever receive such a request from us forward it to our developer team immediately at our email address listed on Contact Us page.

Q: I tried to log in/register using Facebook button and it’s asking me for my password. How do I know its not a scam and that it’s safe to use?

A: The simplest way to verify authenticity of our Facebook log in is to go to first using the same browser and log in into your Facebook account . Then, when you return to our website you will notice that the Facebook log in button now has your name and profile photo in it. You can finish sign up/ log in process without entering your Facebook password.

Q: How safe is your website hosting and other protocols?

A: Our website is running on the latest version of WordPress , it is hosted using a Cpanel , which provides an additional level of protection . Our hosting provider is Gator Hosting also known as . This information can be verified through ICANN and Alexa services.

Q: I used manual registration and I forgot my password.

A: You can easily reset your password if you have access to the email address you used to register on our website. Simply go to Log in screen and choose forgot my password at the bottom of the menu. Instructions will be emailed to you

Managing your account settings, notifications.

Our Website is loaded with features. You can post items to sell. Start a discussion , start a new forum, send friend requests and private messages to other members and even create secret or public groups. In the discussion section you can embed pictures , videos and even music files up to 1G in size. You can also upload videos to our video gallery up to 1G in size. Please read the following Q n A segment to explore all possibilities.

Q: How do I access my account settings

A: There are several ways to access your account . If you use manual log in you will be taken to your account panel first. You can always return to the website by clicking on the home icon in the top left corner. If you log in using Facebook you can access your account in several different ways : by clicking on “Member area” button in the header section, by scrolling down to quick links on the home page and clicking on “My Account ” button or by scrolling down to Member menu and choosing “Manage my Account” option.

Click on the image to access your account settings

Q: How do I check my notifications

A: From your account management panel click on your profile photo or your avatar in the upper right corner to reveal a drop down menu of all notifications and options. From this drop down menu you will manage replies to your discussion and Forum posts. Create groups, manage friend requests or private messages . Upload a new profile photo , profile banner and change your password.

click on the image to see your notifications

Q: How do I leave my account dashboard and return back to the site to browse posts ?

A: All you have to do is click on the “home” icon in the top left corner and follow the link titled “visit sight “


Our classifieds section was designed with simplicity in mind. All posted items can be viewed in chronological order starting with the most recent ones, viewed by category, searched by a key word or location. You can access classifieds in three ways : from “View Classifieds ” under quick links on the landing page, from our main menu or “Member only” menu. Publishing a listing is just as easy and can be accessed using the same three methods . You can upload up to 4 photos in a single post .

Q: Do I need to have an account to publish a listing ?

A: No. You can publish an ad without singing up or logging in but you wont be able to use our email relay service so make sure to leave contact information.

Q: I don’t feel comfortable posting my phone number online in my ad.

A: Phone number is not required to publish an item. Potential buyers can send you a message using our email relay. They will not be able to see your email address until you respond to their inquiry which is designed to protect your privacy against spam.

Q: Is there a limit on how many ads I can publish ?

A: No.

Q: Are there any fees ?

A: Gunslinger City does not charge any fees.

Q: I don’t see an option to upload a photo

A: The file uploader button is located right below the category drop down menu and on some devices might not display properly. The drop down menu covers the file upload menu and you need to click on the drop down category option one more time to retrieve it . See photos below.

drop down menu covering file upload button
clicking on category option one more time will reveal the upload button.

If You have any additional questions please contact us at