Don’t be a Nero

According to legend emperor Nero played a fiddle as the city of Rome burned to the ground. No one is sure why he did it but considering the fact that he was a ruthless leader who murdered his mother and his wife shortly after becoming an emperor at the age of 16 we can easily establish that he simply did not give a shit. At the end, close to 80% of the city was destroyed and hundreds of people died.
Could Nero alone have saved the city? Probably not. Would the whole city of Rome burn completely with thousands dead instead of hundreds if everyone living there chose to play a fiddle instead of trying to put out the flames or at least run for their lives? That’s a definite yes.
I am sure many of you have caught up to the analogy: I see the exact same apathy among good half of gun owners and conservatives in Nevada. It is close to impossible to get everyone to voice their opinion about the AB 291 ( which takes about 3 minutes on a smart phone) let alone organize an event on a massive scale where people will actually have to show up.
After managing for sale groups on Facebook for the last 7 years I noticed one prevailing trend. As soon as FB started cracking down on our groups and we were forced to change our format to discussion only participation dropped 10 fold almost immediately. The very same people who enthusiastically traded guns and posted things almost daily have all but vanished. They are still on member lists. They react to a funny gun meme once a year. But try asking them to sign a petition or contact a politician via provided link (which literally takes three clicks of a thumb) and it’s a desert out there. They won’t even share it which is even less work. I guess they are too busy playing the fiddle while Nevada is burning to the ground. Probably because they don’t give a shit.
There are an estimated 1.25 million gun owners in Nevada. If all of us stood together as one during elections we would not have to worry about losing any rights in our life time. But I guess even that is too much to ask. This last election cycle an astonishing two thirds of Nevada gun owners did not bother to cast their ballots. This country is about 20 years away from being completely destroyed by the lunatic left so play me the song of your people , fiddler man.

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