Nevada Firearms PAC statement on AB 291 red flag law provision

SB 120 is Nevada’s “Red Flag” law. A rumor is that it is to be added to AB 291. NVFAC PAC position letter February 18, 2019 RE: SB 120 Nicole Cannizzaro, Chair Senate Judiciary Committee Nevada State Senate Dear Chair Cannizzaro; The Nevada Firearms Coalition has reviewed SB 120 (orders Read More

Don’t be a Nero

According to legend emperor Nero played a fiddle as the city of Rome burned to the ground. No one is sure why he did it but considering the fact that he was a ruthless leader who murdered his mother and his wife shortly after becoming an emperor at the age Read More

K-Libtard ?

I hear it often even from the most staunch conservatives. Every time there is an attack on our rights the first response is always about how unconstitutional it is and how we need to educate the liberals who either propose or support any new gun bans or other attacks on Read More


With AB 291 guaranteed to pass and Clark County Commissioners already announcing their plans to take full advantage of the power that is about to be granted to them by their new masters in Carson City one can’t help but wonder what the future holds. There are  some even in Read More

Republican Assembly leaders Statement

Republican Assembly Leaders Jim Wheeler and John Ellison’s Statement on New York City’s Influence in Nevada Carson City, NV –Republican Assembly leaders Jim Wheeler and John Ellison released the following joint statement on recent and upcoming gun-related bills in Nevada’s capital: “Next week we anticipate that Assembly Bill 291 will Read More