Allah Akbar

I doubt there is a single person left in America that has not heard of the “Iranian Aggression” on the main stream media. Same news outlets that were referred to as fake news just few months ago are now quoted more than the Bible by both the radical left but especially the right. You see, Iran is trying to start a war , and we are doing everything we can to avoid it . At least according to Fox News , of course. And in case you haven’t heard Fox News is now owned by the same people who own CNN : Murdoch and Kristol.
A week ago I ended up on a thread from a Fox News post about Iran and I can honestly say this: I have not seen so many brainwashed degenerate idiots screaming for blood since Hillary lost in 2016. Bible wielding MAGA hat wearing everyday Americans were begging to ” start a war”, “kill all Muslims”, “carpet bomb the Middle East” . When I left an anti war comment I was immediately attacked by a dozen of brain dead brainwashed statists who could only be described as blood thirsty war mongers with IQ’s below 80( which puts you into a slightly retarded category). I could literally feel these people foaming at the mouth as they typed insults and condescending remarks while my only sin was promoting a peaceful solution. The whole conversation very closely resembled me being attacked by the left wing radicals on Twitter when I leave a critical comment on a tweet from their god and savior Obama himself. It’s close to impossible to reason with these people and God forbid you make a spelling error…The difference between both sides are now a blur. Both the far left and the far right have turned into hateful intolerant ideologies where an individual no longer exists. The only thing that matters is their Party’s narrative. They have turned into zoo monkeys who throw feces at each other during a territorial dispute. But there was one thing that still worked on the right wingers: facts .
So instead of resorting to trading insults I calmly explained my position and backed it up with facts. Last time this country was attacked was Pearl Harbor. Since WW2 ,every single conflict this country was involved in, we were the aggressors. We either attacked another country based on false pretenses or got involved into an ongoing conflict. Lies and false flag attacks were used as an excuse for aggression. And it did not come without a price . American military has murdered 20 million civilians world wide in illegal conflicts. About 5 million of them were school age children. Half a million in Iraq alone. Half a million in Syria. And we all know the lies that got us involved into these two conflicts. Do you think Iran is going to be any different ? Ten years from now the same media that convinced everyone that we need to attack Iran will be talking about how much of a mistake it was while promoting yet another war. And all the dimwits will be cheering again and begging for more blood.
The truth is always simple. And it is simple now: war is murder. It should only be used when your country is under direct attack. We don’t need any more wars. Ever… No more blood.
And by the way our imaginary non existent freedoms are not under any attacks by Muslims. I can’t smoke weed and own a gun in America while any Afgani citizen can smoke a pound of opium , then strut to the local market and buy a fully automatic AK 47 without a background check. Feels more like they are afraid of us attacking their freedoms than the other way around. I understand they have a barbaric culture and human rights violations but it’s their country and they need to figure it out. Sending our military and massacring millions of innocent civilians in the name of democracy only creates more people who hate America. They don’t hate us because of our “freedoms”. They hate us because we are murderers. This is why a 16 year old is willing to strap on a suicide vest and pull the trigger while screaming Allah Akbar. In his mind he is fighting a satanic murderous superpower. And judging by what our corrupt government has been doing all over the world and in America it is not that far fetched.

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