With AB 291 guaranteed to pass and Clark County Commissioners already announcing their plans to take full advantage of the power that is about to be granted to them by their new masters in Carson City one can’t help but wonder what the future holds. There are  some even in gun community who find the idea that the left is after our guns laughable. Of course, anyone with a third grade level knowledge of history and just an average understanding of modern day politics will find their naïve view of the world just as laughable. But let’s save the “I told you so”s for when the time comes and let’s examine what we should expect in the near future in Nevada and Clark County.

According to Las Vegas Review Journal Clark County Commissioners already announced their plans to restrict gun carry on the strip, ban the so called assault weapons and impose ammunition restrictions. Fortunately we don’t have to wonder what exactly they have mind because the radical left uses the exact same script over and over again every time they gain power. They are fully aware their proposed laws are unconstitutional and immoral and pointing these simple facts out will not stop them. Their main goal is to push the progressive lunatic agenda, communism , open borders and destruction of Western values by any means at their disposal . And none of these goals can be easily achieved , when they finally come to fruition and become obvious to even the most naïve and ignorant masses, with an armed populace. We are no longer in the middle of a cultural war. We are in the middle of a political war for survival and there will be no prisoners. Winner will take all .

But let’s examine the Commissioners announcement .

  •  Restricting Strip Carry.

I hear a lot of arguments saying that Strip carry is already restricted and you will be asked to leave if caught carrying a gun in a Strip or a Downtown Casino. That might be true but being asked to leave and being arrested for a felony offence are not the same thing. And that is exactly what “restricting strip carry ” is going to be. A criminal offence. If caught with a firearm on the Strip you will be arrested , hauled off to jail and charged with a crime.

  •  Banning assault weapons.

It is unclear how far they will be willing to go on this one before 2020 elections but one thing we can be sure of: you will not be able to buy those guns if you live in Clark County. You will not be able to buy parts or magazines. Most likely you will be required to register those guns if you already own them and after 2020 elections you will most likely be required to surrender them to the police or face criminal prosecution. This is the best case scenario and is based on what liberal lunatics have done in other states on the similar issue.


  • Gun registration

I hear a lot of “We will not comply” rhetoric but eventually you will have three choices: comply, face jail time or be executed by law enforcement . CCW permit holders will be the first victims of gun registration laws because most of them tend to carry everywhere they go. Now imagine a simple traffic stop where a cop already knows you have a CCW and asks you for your registration card for the gun you are carrying and you don’t have it cause you didn’t comply. Once again, you will be hauled off to jail or be executed if you resist.

  • Ammunition restrictions

There is no limit on what a liberal lunatic mind can come up with when given an opportunity to regulate ammunition sales and possession. Based on what has been done and or proposed in other states we can expect : background checks on ammunition purchases, limit on how much ammunition you can buy at one time or in any given time period ( and these numbers can be as low as 20 rounds per months from what we have seen proposed in other states), limit on how much ammunition you can have at home ( they can limit you to 40 rounds total and charge you with a felony if you ever get caught with more ), prohibiting online sales ( forget about the 1000 round boxes from Ammoman.com ), prohibiting private transfers , implementing reporting ( if you order a certain amount of ammo online and it triggers a red flag warning in some government database you will have a visit from those who swore to protect you and once again you will be hauled off to jail or executed for resisting.

This is the real life END GAME and 2020 elections will decide the fate of Nevada , USA and most likely the whole world. But I will have more on that later.


Municipal Elections Results

The election results are in and I cannot say that I am surprised. All of our conservative candidates lost by a handful of votes and Las Vegas gun owners are in for some hard times ahead. With the State Preemption on the chopping block local municipalities will have virtually unlimited power in crafting their own gun laws which can be voted in and implemented overnight at a snap of fingers.

Here are the results

Total turn out in Las Vegas was 26, 979 . That’s a whopping(insert a sarcastic smirk here) 4.5% of the population.

Ward 1

Brian Knudsen is the winner at 1,245 votes. Ray Sherman who would have fought for our rights only got 237 votes. He lost by 1008 votes .

Ward 3

Diaz Olivia was declared a winner after receiving 1016 votes . Our candidate Mooneyham Shawn received 90 votes. He lost by 926 votes. I know that ward 3 is not conservative ground but I think we have more than 90 republicans living there. They never showed up.

City Mayor

Goodman won her third term with 22,316 votes. Our candidate as well as all others trailed by a large margin and only received 1000+ votes.


We lost more ground due to low turn out and apathy. While our enemies are more energized than ever conservatives choose to stay home and do absolutely nothing about it.

What to expect.

More gun free zones (like parks and public areas) where you will have to choose between becoming a felon or leaving your family defenseless.

Zoning restrictions designed to choke gun stores out of business.

Gun registration will come back

Semi auto rifle bans and magazine bans.

Anything you can imagine will be on the table and will be signed into law.


We are well on track in becoming a state with gun laws that even California will consider extreme. But I guess , even though there are over a million gun owners in Nevada and at least 200 thousand in Vegas, there is not much we can do if they stay at home on election day and then act surprised when Soros’s and Blumberg’s minions pass laws turning them into criminals. Its a sad state of affairs and a sad State to live in.


Las Vegas Municipal Elections Endorsment

After doing some last minute research I have compiled a list of candidates that , in my opinion , are conservatives and will not vote for any anti gun measures .

It is very hard to vet Municipal Candidates because these offices are non partisan but you can find clues or at least absence of clues pointing to anti American progressive agenda .


Las Vegas City Mayor : Collins , Phil

He was a treasurer and ran as a republican for office before.

Ward 1

Sherman Ray. He is a long time republican


Ward 2

Victoria Seaman. Ran as a republican in previous elections

Ward 3 .

Shawn Mooneyham. He is a fiscal conservative who promises to fight any tax increases and his campaign slogan is Las Vegas first.


Ward 5

No endorsement . Do not vote for Thorns. He is a registered democrat .

Do not vote for Derek Washington. He is another anti gun progressive.

This is all I could find . Please log in and leave a comment and let me know if I got any candidates wrong